The content, process and context of strategic innovation

“Reshaping Strategy: Exploring The Content, Process and Context of Strategic Innovation” synthesises the current debate into a comprehensive framework, allowing companies to address the issues involved from different angles and view points.

It offers a new perspective, new tools and ideas on how to address strategic issues for enabling new growth by developing fresh answers to the classic questions in strategy: what business are you in? who is your customer? and how to organize to fulfill customers’ needs?

The book is structured into three main parts:

  • Part 1 gives an overview of the current literature on the content and process of strategic management in general, followed by criticism in regard to the content, process, and tools used today.
  • Part 2 gives a definition, as well as a detailed description of the content, process and context of strategic innovation. Furthermore is offers tools for assessing the innovativeness of strategies and a framework for thinking through the various issues involved in strategic innovation.
  • Part 3 focuses on managerial implications, and is followed by a summary, and suggestions for further reasearch.

Each chapter contains not only practical advice on how to develop innovative strategies, but offers summaries, along with trigger questions to gain new insights and help challenge managers’ and companies’ mental models.