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SBi - der systemische Lehrgang - Raus aus der Komfortzone
Get out of the comfort zone

The DJK Global Survey 2024 Results

We are delighted to unveil the DJK Global Survey 2024 findings, showcasing thoughts, feelings, and perspectives from leaders worldwide. Dive into the results to reflect on the current perspectives and project your plans and objectives for the proceeding 2024.

My 2024 Compass Cover Survey

Jonas Deichmann's "Next Challenge":


"I’ll set off from New York on the 28th of June 2023 and cycle 5.500 km across the US to Los Angeles. The day after arriving I’ll run back covering one ultra marathon a day to arrive back in New York in early November. Runners in the US are invited to join me."

USA 2 Mal
Bild Fuer Starteite Hell