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Bernhard Sieber



Bernhard's passion and expertise are centered on team and leadership development. Drawing from his extensive 10-year experience as a top-tier world rower and his comprehensive training as a systemic coach and consultant, he has crafted a distinctive, hands-on consulting approach. This approach is designed to fully unleash the potential of collaborative efforts among individuals.


Early in his consulting career, Bernhard honed his focus on identifying the most influential factors for enhancing teamwork within organizations. He played a pivotal role in shaping the DJK Team Compass model and introduced the (G)rowing experience workshop framework, an experiential workshop model that integrates actual rowing experiences. Furthermore, he offers consultancy services for designing and implementing highly individualized leadership development programs. Bernhard's educational background includes degrees in Environmental Management (BSc), Organizational Behavior (MBA), and Psychological Advisory (License). Notably, he holds the prestigious title of World Champion in Rowing, has represented Austria at the Olympic Games, and secured a Gold Medal at the World University Games.


Ever since, Bernhard transitioned his passions and ideas into a fulfilling profession, driven by his belief that a rewarding life stems from loving one's work. Beyond his professional pursuits, he remains dedicated to sports, spending a substantial amount of time cycling on both the road and mountain bike. He also actively contributes to the Austrian Rowing community, leading a team of up to 130 volunteers as the head of the organizing committee for rowing regattas in Vienna. When he's not working, cycling, or coordinating events, you'll likely find him exploring the world of ideas through his love for reading.

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