Doujak Corporate Development Superdual Playbook 2020


My Superdual Playbook 2020

We would like to express our gratitude to all corporate leaders and consultants from across Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific who shared their views on 2020 in our “Global Survey”, providing us with food for thought for our own ”superdual” year 2020.

We are living in an increasingly complex and chaotic world full of dualities, dilemmas and tensions. This leaves us with little to turn to for orientation. In this situation a superdual approach and attitude adds value. Superdual means embracing these dualities to strengthen ourselves and our organizations. It is not about choosing one polarity over the other but enhancing both to their maximum potential.

You can use the results for your personal inspiration. Each section of the result presentation has a part for your individual view, including a newly developed “superdual model exercise”. We wish you a successful 2020, have fun with the playbook.