Malika Bauer

Malika Bauer

Associate Partner


Malika's area of expertise is the support and implementation of IT transition programs for global players. Her focus is on the needs of people in the context of their relevant environments. This enables her to motivate people to perform at their best and to relieve them of the fear of uncertainty in change processes. Malika has more than 30 years management experience, including 15 years in top management positions of large global acting companies in different countries and different cultures.

Her industrial focus is in automotive industry, aerospace and banking. Her professional emphasis lies on strategic topics, Business and IT Architecture, Program Management, Digital Transformation (incl. agile Leadership) and Executive Coaching. She has also profound expertise in Carve Out and PMI processes.


Her focus is on IT-strategy, process optimization and reorganizing of companies towards self-organized and high performance teams. In recent years, one of the mainstays of Malika's work was to accompany the IT carve out of strongly networked areas of large companies and at the same time to enable the employees concerned to successfully master post-merger integration for the organization, but also for themselves in their role at the new organization. This is usually accompanied by the preparation of the digital transformation of the new company. She also supports top managers to find their new role as agile leader and she acted as sparring partner of executive managers during transformation/transition projects. She has extensive experience in leading virtual teams.

Malika holds a Master degree in Mathematics from the Technical University Munich. On top of that she has completed a two-years systemic consulting program and enriched her skill set with further trainings in systemic consulting and coaching. She has continuously updated her knowledge in the latest topics of IT technology.


Malika loves nature and therefore she is living in a small Seminarhouse called “Quellhof” which is located in the middle of nowhere. There she meets her children, her grandchildren, her friends and other very interesting people. She loves all kind of sports, music (she started learning to play the piano when she was 50 years old), travelling and she is always happy to get to know new people in other cultures and to learn what drives these people.
Freedom, diversity and new challenges (the shoe that is always a little too big) are very important to Malika and bring her forward. Malika lives with one of her four adult children in an area of Germany called Allgäu.


Malika's Path of Life