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Ignacio Leiva

Junior Consultant

Work & Expertise

Ignacio thrives on problem-solving and storytelling. While his professional background is in structural engineering, his diverse career path led him to discover passions in the realms of business and acting. He is deeply committed to reorganizing, automating, and enhancing organizational processes, often devising self-made codes to bolster efficiency. Besides his business endeavors, Ignacio nurtures his artistic side through acting, taking roles in both film and theater in London. Here, his love for compelling narratives flourishes.

Experience & Education

Ignacio earned a LIC in Architecture & Engineering and a PE in Structural Engineering from the Pontifical University of Chile. Additionally, he holds degrees in Spanish copywriting and acting.

Insight into Ignacio

With residences spanning across the US, Chile, Germany, Scotland, and England, and professional stints in the last four countries, Ignacio currently calls London his home.

His journey to find and establish his passions in London has been nothing short of diverse: from roles as a construction worker, translator, and investigator assistant, to tour guide, hotel staff, cleaner, and roles in mechanical & structural engineering. Today, he finds fulfillment as a business consultant and actor.

Being the eldest of ten siblings, family holds a cherished spot in Ignacio's heart. He frequently travels back to Chile, reconnecting with his roots. His zest for life is also evident in his travels; having explored 40 countries, with a horseback riding safari in Africa marking one of his most memorable adventures.

Language-wise, Ignacio is fluent in both English and Spanish, and can converse comfortably in German.

Ignacio's Path of Life

Ignacio's CV