Doujak Corporate Development Marie-Louise Schäfer

Marie-Louise Schäfer

Associate Partner


Marie-Louise is specialized in

  • Co-creation and leadership
  • Facilitation of digital transformation within the human framework
  • Executive coaching
  • Internationalization and growth strategies for start-ups and foundations
  • Team- and leadership development in the public and the private sector
  • Resolution of conflicts and mediation in the public and private sector


Being a fully qualified lawyer (Ass. Jur.) with international expertise, Marie-Louise has always liked to develop, build and transform. She has led a leadership academy and was an integral part in building up the foundation of the consultancy of Roland Berger. She also worked for the German Embassy and within Germany for players of the public and the private sector. She has been an advisor, coach and trainer for many years, being a trainer and systemic coach, moderator and facilitator certified by dvct-standards and fully trained mediator by Eidos Project Mediation including the Harvard-Concept.


Marie-Louise really enjoys serving peoples´ and organizations´ development with the enhancement of personalities, talents and organizations through systemic change methods. She engages for transformation. She challenges people and herself to always gain different perspectives. Due to her love for diversity and cultures she has lived and worked in four different culture zones and backpacked over 60 countries around the world.


Marie-Louise's Path of Life

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